• Fubuki風吹

    New Templates!

    May 31, 2013 by Fubuki風吹

    New templates are to be implemented in this wikia. As of now, some of these templates have been made, but more are to be added. Users interested might seek to reply in the comments' box.

    Templates Needed Templates Done
    Not Obtained
    More templates might be added, as per the wiki needs.

    Users interested and a possessor of average HTML and wiki-text knowledge are free to reply in the comments' box. Users aware of template knowledge must provide a template in their own sandbox. If the given sandbox is acknowledged, the template will be accepted as an official one.

    NOTE : Even though template pages are not protected, none of the users are allowed to tamper with the templates, unless they have a permission of an admin, whereas, admins…

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